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Donations Mailing Address

Address: GOIFHE, Inc. | PO Box 1033 | Roslyn, PA 19001
Business Hours:  Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm (est)
Phone:  215-657-3792

Staff Members

  • Gilbert Ovide, Founder – Willow Grove, PA
  • Yolande Ovide, Founder/Treasurer – Willow Grove, PA
  • Gerry Ovide, MD, President  – Willow Grove, PA
  • John Michel, DO, Vice President – Philadelphia, PA
  • Patrick Latouche, Director – Chalfont, PA
  • Steevens Plasime, Administrator – Philadelphia, PA
  • Betty Casseus, Secretary –  Cheltenham, PA
  • Pierre Richard Ovide, Ambassador – Haiti
  • Mackenzie Ovide, Ambassador – Dominican Republic
  • Rev. Guimy Sylva, Ambassador –  Puerto Rico
  • Jenny Joseph, Ambassador – Haiti
  • Evins Trajean, Student Administrator – Tampa, FL

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